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Seniors Swindle Handicap Rules

The swindle periods will run for two six month periods; first from 1 January to 30 June and then from 1 July to 31 December.

Your club handicap as at your first game in each period will be your swindle handicap unless your handicaps 29 or above, in which case you will be required to play off the 'Swindle'  maximum handicap of 28 at the beginning of each Swindle period.. If you win a swindle with 35 points or less,your handicap will be cut by one shot, if you win with a score of 36 to 39 points inclusive, you will be cut by 2 shots - if you win with 40 to 43 points inclusive, you will be cut by 3 shots and if you win with 44 or more points  you will be cut by 4 shots Winners should enter their names and details on the sheet provided.

Movements of your club handicap in the swindle period have no effect on your swindle handicap.

In fairness to the regular players, those who do not play regularly may face cuts to their swindle handicap. There will be a cut of 1 shot for each complete calendar month during which you fail to play in the swindle period. For example: in the January to June swindle period, if you fail to play in January you will be cut one penalty shot, and the same applies to each complete month thereafter. Someone playing their first game in June will therefore be cut 5 shots. No exceptions.

At least 6 players are required to form a swindle. If there are 26 or more players, the winner will receive £20 from the pot and the excess pot money will go to the second-placed player, who will be cut by 1 shot.

All players are on their honour to abide by the swindle rules but we have a record book showing a list of players and winners which can be referred too.

How to book and Play in the Seniors Swindle on Wednesdays and Fridays

At the request of Birchwood management the following system of booking to play in the swindle will be in operation.

Birchwood staff will put entry forms on our noticeboard for you to enter your name for the days you wish to play.

We will continue to have 5 tee times made available to us, starting from 8.02. You will no longer be able to assume that you can just turn up and expect to play. The purpose of this system is so that Birchwood will be able to identify and sell any unused tee times. However, if more than 20 players (ie using all 5 tee times) wish to play Birchwood have said they will try to provide extra tee times.

Although the entry forms will be set out so that names are entered in tee time order this is purely for Birchwood’s purposes. The order of play for the swindle will continue to be by draw on the day.

1  If you have not added your name to the list you will not be included in the initial draw, until the draw has taken place and tee times
have been allocated.

2  If you have added your name to the list and fail to turn up, you will be required to donate a £1 to the Captains Charity.

3  You will be required to pay a £1 swindle entry fee at the time of the draw and will receive a card and tee time by the desk person on
the day.

If you are unable to add your name to the list you can ask another member to do so on your behalf.

5  If you arrive and your name is not on the list, you will only get a game if there is a spare tee time.

The system will be reviewed as time goes on to see that it meets our needs and those of the Seniors and Birchwood Park Golf Club.


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