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Birchwood Park Golf Club Members

Supplementary Scores

Supplementary Scores were a new concept in the 2008-2011 CONGU UHS and were intended to aid in the number of qualifying scores returned by members. Up until January 2011 restrictions were imposed on Cat 1 players and those that had returned at least 7 qualifying scores the previous year. From 2011 however these restrictions have now been removed and now allow all Home members of the club to return up to 10 Supplementary Scores per calendar year subject to the following conditions:

  • Must signify their intention of returning a Supplementary Score prior to starting the round. This must be performed in a manner determined by the affiliated club
  • Must be over 18 holes. 9 hole Supplementary Scores are not permitted
  • The score must be authenticating and returned over a measured course. It may be either Stroke Play or Stableford
  • Limited to one per week unless the affiliated club determine otherwise
  • All scores returned will be subject to handicap adjustment based ion the SSS of the measured course. A CSS is not to be calculated

Clubs are to be advised that there have been instances where members have used this facility to deliberately lower their handicaps that is not in accordance with the CONGU UHS. Anyone found manipulating their handicaps should be dealt with in accordance with Clause 24 of the CONGU UHS.

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