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Birchwood Park Golf Club Members

Annual handicap reviews

The Club Handicapping Committee are required under Clause 23 of the CONGU UHS to conduct a review of handicaps of all members whom it has been identified as the Home Club. This review is to be made each year prior to the 1st March in order to ensure all members with CONGU handicaps have handicaps that are reflective of their current playing ability.

Once this review has taken place handicaps should only be adjusted outside of qualifying competitions under General Play and only then under exceptional circumstances. In order to clarify the definition of Exceptional Circumstances England Golf has identified that handicaps can only be adjusted under the following circumstances:

  • Impaired golfing ability resulting from extended illness or injury.
  • The need to correct a handicap that was allocated at an inappropriate level.
  • The return of a series of good scores in Qualifying Competitions within a short timeframe by a hitherto infrequent competitor.
  • A number of, probably three or more, good playing performances in Better Ball and Singles match play events by a player who otherwise may not participate with any regularity in Qualifying Competitions.

England Golf have also announced that scores returned in Mixed Foursomes, Society and Corporate events and social golf must not be used in the adjustment of a CONGU handicap.

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