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Birchwood Park Golf Club Members

Weekend Tee Times

Updated: Tuesday 19th February 2019 @ 11.00am           DESK OPEN 6.15-6.50 DO NOT BE LATE PLEASE

   Captain's Drive In

     Sunday 24th February 2019

Competition Fee: 5

Desk Duty
1st 7.20 Mark Sampson        &
Colin Abbott
Patricia Carey      &
Elisabeth Wilding
2nd 7.10 Geoff Prout              &
Vicky Way
Jacques Brand       &
Tanya Brand
2nd 7.20 Antony Wenden      &
Lance Wenden
Carol Goodey      &
Lee Goodey
3rd 7.20 Anne Prout              &
Bernie Batchelor
Andy Briggs         &
Richard Turnbull
4th 7.20 Keith Griffin             &
Dave Corderoy
Jon Sawyer           &
Alan Lucas
5th 7.20 Mike Abbott.           &JJ Van GraanPaul Abbott         &
Robin Abbott
6th 7.20 Sam Vedash            &
Narinder Maman
Billy Utting           &
Rob Jones
7th 7.20 Garry Kewley          &
Linda Capp
Pepi Bedi             &
Dave Heming
8th 7.20 Mervyn McPherson &
Stuart Morrison
Connor McGrath &
Dan Fleming
9th 7.20 Tony Argent            &
Peter Greene
Harpreet Madan  &
Atul Dhir
10th 7.20 Connor Wood          &
Phil Wood
Rick Bohm           &
Lewis Ford
11th 7.20 Mo Browne              &
Seamus McLaughlin
Rob Legg               &
Dave Morris
12th 7.20 John Stoneham      &
Martyn Dawson

13th 7.20 Sue Ngethe Hynes  &
James McPhun
Steve Lucas         &
Nick Wilkes
14th 7.20 Ismail Variawa        &
Shoaib Laher
Keith Bridge         &
John Ford
15th 7.20 Bal Chana                &
Gavin Chana
Danny Topley      &
Dave Faulty
16th 7.20Andy Dhillon           &
Steve Boyle
Danny Chana       &
Ross Jenner
17th 7.10                                      &


17th 7.20    Steve Horton           &
Gary Fung
Freda Sunley       &
Mike Smith
18th 7.20 Paul Fleming            &
Richard Tichener
Charlie Nicholl      &   Mike Walsh

Competition Secretary      Connor Wood 07780976454

If you are unable to play in this competition and your name is listed above, please call before 5pm the night before the event otherwise you will be fined. If you have any problem on the day please phone Birchwood pro shop, this could still result in a fine. When leaving a message please could you leave your name and contact telephone number.

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