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Birchwood Park Golf Club Members

Midweek Competitions


Midweek competitions are open to all 5 and 7 day members, Ladies or Gentlemen of Birchwood Park Club. In order to comply with The Council of National Golf Union rules, we have had to make changes to the organisation and recording procedues for these competitions. A medal will be arranged for the first Tuesday and Thursday and a Stableford for the third Wednesday and Friday in each month. The Medal and Stableford days will alternate each month as calendar below.

This is your chance to compete in a club competition each month throughout the year and even obtain an official handicap certificate.

Midweek competitions rules are set by the Council of National Golf Unions -
Rule 12.1.
The names of competitors must be entered into the Competition (see the notice board list) prior to competing in a qualifying competition at the club.

The following Birchwood Club rules and procedures also apply and must be followed:-

1 There should be at least eight members entering over the two days, or the competition will be null and void.

2. ALL must sign the Midweek Competitions Book in reception with your Name, Handicap, and Tee time BEFORE PLAYING THEIR

3. You must write your Name, Competition type and date on the outside of the envelope provided, (by the competitions box between the ladies and gents changing rooms) and insert your 1 competition entry fee and seal the envelope.

4. The envelope must be posted in the competitions box BEFORE YOU PLAY.

5. The competition will be played off the WHITE TEES.

6 Your individual scorecard must be marked by another member with an official handicap and signed by him and yourself.

7. Completed signed scorecards must also be posted in the competitions box after your round. Your scores will be entered into the members computer to create a handicap.

8 Entry fee money prizes of 75 percent goes to the Winner and 25 percent to the runner up.
The handicap secretary Mike Smith is responsible for money prizes of midweek competitions.


Keith Griffin, Competitions Secretary

Date Month Competition      Date Month Competition
Wednesday 6th January Medal      Wednesday 6th July Medal
Friday 8th January Medal      Friday 8th July Medal
Tuesday 19th January Stableford      Tuesday 19th July Stableford
Thursday 21st January Stableford      Thursday 21st July Stableford
Tuesday 2nd February Medal      Tuesday 2nd August Medal
Thursday 4th February Medal      Thursday 4th August Medal
Wednesday 17th February Stableford      Wednesday 17th August Stableford
Friday 19th February Stableford      Friday 19th August Stableford
Wednesday 2nd March Medal      Wednesday 7th September Medal
Friday 4th March Medal      Friday 9th September Medal
Tuesday 15th March Stableford      Tuesday 20th September Stableford
Thursday 17th March Stableford      Thursday 22nd September Stableford
Tuesday 5th April Medal      Tuesday 4th October Medal
Thursday 7th April Medal      Thursday 6th October Medal
Wednesday 20th April Stableford      Wednesday 19th October Stableford
Friday 22nd April Stableford      Friday 21st October Stableford
Wednesday 4th May Medal      Wednesday 2nd November Medal
Friday 6th May Medal      Friday 4th November Medal
Tuesday 17th May Stableford      Tuesday 15th November Stableford
Thursday 19th May Stableford      Thursday 17th November Stableford
Tuesday 7th June Medal      Tuesday 6th December Medal
Thursday 9th June Medal      Thursday 8th December Medal
Wednesday 22nd June Stableford      Wednesday 14th December Stableford
Friday 24th June Stableford      Friday 16th December Stableford

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