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Birchwood Park Golf Club Members

About Birchwood Ladies

If you are thinking about changing your club or maybe you are a new golfer looking to join a club, we thought some information about us might help you make up your mind.

We are a small group of ladies whose numbers we hope are going to rise now the club membership is open. We are all dedicated golfers who enjoy our sport and we comprise of five and seven day members. 

To be able to play in the monthly medals and stablefords you will need to have a handicap. If you have one from your previous club then you will be automatically entered onto the handicap system. If you are new to the game and do not have a handicap, then we can help you get one. To get a handicap you will need to play three rounds of golf with one of our lady members who will mark your card. This doesnít have to be on a Wednesday, which is our mid-week competition day, or during the Main Club Competitions at the weekend. We can arrange other days. Your cards will then enter the club  golf handicap system. If you think that you need practice, or perhaps feel you donít play well enough to get a handicap, then we will be happy to go out with you to practice, so donít be put off by this. We all have to start somewhere. Some Wednesdays are just Ďfun gamesí where you donít need to have a handicap and we just play different formats.

The 5 day members play in the ladies midweek competition on a Wednesday between 9:06 am and 9:54 am. We meet in the clubhouse beforehand from around 8.30 am. There is a ladies notice board in the lobby of the club, near the changing rooms. Each week you can enter your name on the relevant sheet and you will be drawn to play other ladies and given a tee time. After the game we get together for food and drinks which is a very good way to get to know everyone. You are not restricted to Wednesdays though, some of our ladies play on other days as well, so you would be welcome to join them.

The seven day members usually play the weekend competitions as well which alternate between Saturday and Sunday.To enter just put your name on the relevant sheet on the main noticeboard in the lobby and again you will be given a tee time and playing partners. This is a great way to get to know all club members and is why our club is a particularly friendly club.

We play a number of friendly matches against local clubs, and also enter some of the Kent competitions which gives us the opportunity to play at a number of different courses.

We hold Ladies Meetings in the clubhouse to update members on relevant issues and/or concerns. We also use this opportunity to present prizes for the monthly medal and stableford winners and runners up. 

We always look forward to meeting any new member. If you are thinking about joining our club, or are unsure whether it is the right club for you and would like to know more, please telephone Elisabeth Wilding, on 01322 403335 and she will be very happy to meet up and discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

Elisabeth Wilding Lady Captain

Ladies Committee Members & Contact Details

The ladies committee meet bi monthly, usually on a Wednesday afternoon at the club. We discuss relevant issues, concerns and plan for future events.

If you wish to contact a member of the Ladies committee, please email them by selecting the relevant link.

LADY CAPTAIN  Elisabeth Wilding lady-captain@birchwoodgolf.net

Kim Shead lady-vice-captain@birchwoodgolf.net

Helen Emms ladies-secretary@birchwoodgolf.net

Lee-Anne Christie ladies-treasurer@birchwoodgolf.net

Ann Woon



Chris Dawes

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